Photo of the Nevada State Legislature which meets 120 days every other yearOur tax structure is better than most – we hope to keep it that way.

Nevada’s tax structure is considered to be conservative and less burdensome than that of many other states. There is no state personal income tax.

Nevada does not levy franchise, unitary, inventory, inheritance, or corporate profit taxes.

Real and personal property is currently taxed at 35 percent of assessed valuation with a three percent annual cap on owner-occupied single-family residences and an eight percent cap on business and commercial property as imposed by the state legislature. It is best to log on to the Carson City Assessor’s website for complete tax information.

A sales and use tax of 7.60 percent is imposed on the retail sales of tangible personal property in Carson City. Most services, including utilities, food for home consumption, prescription drugs and medical supplies are exempt from this sales tax.

Understanding Nevada's Property Tax System - This pamphlet is a primer on Nevada's real and personal property taxes from the calculation of rates, to payment procedures, to appealing property valuations. Also, included is a Nevada specific glossary of property tax terms. This pamphlet is updated after each legislative session. More tax information can be found at


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